1. Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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    Lena Headey, at The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, Aug 25, 2014.

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  5. hagbardceline said: Have you written about the finale of BB? I thought the penultimate episode was really the series' peak, but I did think the finale was a fantastic sendoff. Interested in why you disagree.

    You can find all my writing about Breaking Bad here; here’s my review of the finale for Rolling Stone, and I did an episode of Bloggingheads with Alyssa Rosenberg about it as well. The long and short of it is that I feel a show that had been so uncompromising for so long compromised in the end in favor of being “satisfying,” in a way that let certain characters off the hook, contrary to the spirit of the entire preceding series.

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  7. wendykloiber said: Are royals, like Joffrey and Egg, knighted? Seems like they must be to be able to confer knighthood, but I don't recall seeing it, and Joffrey would have been in the age range to be prepping. And if knighthood is a Faith of the Seven thing, did the Targs adopt it, or bring a version with them?

    Are royals automatically knighted? No, not as such. But they can confer knighthood anyway. Others can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall any mention of “Ser” Anybody associated with Valyria prior to the Conquest, so I would say the Targaryens simply bought into the existing system of knighthood the way they did so many other aspects of Westerosi culture.

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  9. greywormsgreyworm said: I love your idea of the series ending with Bran under the weirwood. If that is the case, and there is a Wire-like montage, I say we take it all the way, having 'Way Down In the Hole' playing. Suitable for Bran's whereabouts am I right?

    Yes on all counts!

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  11. throezandhoez said: If the endgame is for Sansa, Bran and Arya to help pull Westeros back together after winter is done, do you think GRRM is setting up any parallels between the Stark siblings and Aegon and his sisters?

    No, not really. I think it’s highly unlikely Bran will even meet his sisters again, much less marry them, though you’re probably not intending that question be interpreted so literally. But that’s my point, in a way: they happen to be a brother and two sisters about that’s about all they have in common. At any rate I don’t really think that’s an accurate description of the endgame for them. Sansa, maybe — the idea that she’ll wind up a ruler of some sort has been a popular one for a long time, with good reason — but Bran’s great purpose is to defeat the Others, not help patch things up afterwards, and even the most optimistic appraisals of Arya’s path don’t cast her as a conciliator. 

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  13. djislame said: So how exactly do you think the great Manderly flip will go down? Will he backstab the boltons at first chance or wait and see how the battle of winterfell will turn out?

    Backstab at the battle with Stannis. 

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  15. notomys said: Whoohoo for Sid and Price, but I'm looking forward to Keisha Castle-Hughes as well. And her sisters look like they will be interesting, too! Show might turn me into a Dorne fan... (why do people think Price is Howland Reed?)

    It’s some zany theory that the High Sparrow is an undercover Howland Reed, because everything MUST be a big secret for some reason.

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  17. jennygreenteethswamp said: Because she is a favorite of mine personally, what are your odds on Alysanne Mormont having more of a part to play in coming events? (provided of course the letter is proved false as many suppose, and she survived what battle there was outside Winterfell). Any chance of the house surviving the coming fire/ice final battle? I am rather pessimistic Jorah will ever hear his father's wish that he command the Night's Watch, let alone survive.

    I think House Mormont has a future, sure. But no, probably not one involving Jorah. Alysane “pops” against a sea of highborn randos and if I were Martin I’d use her some more, but that’s just me.

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  19. zelinator said: When I first heard about the Trial of Seven idea, I immediately thought the TOJ showdown was like a version of that.

    I guess…? It was really just a fight, though. One side happened to have seven people on it.

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  21. ciscocosta said: And Re: Howland Reed at the Tower of Joy: Knights rarely fight crannogmen, but crannogmen often fight knights. If Howland Reed had any advantage in that fight, that's the simplest one. It's like left-handed athletes who have a leg-up against defenders more used to right-handed opponents.

    Seven versus three, the three were great, the seven were pretty good, Ned was very good, Howland helped him out. People rescue other people who are about to lose fights. It happens!

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  23. sciencevsromance said: Do you agree with Joanna Robinson (Vanity Fair) that George R. R. Martin's comments at the Edinburgh International Book Festival about fans guessing the "secret ending to the series" by piecing together "subtle and obscure clues" planted in the novels just means that people have guessed the R+L=J? The quotes are pieced together; so I guess I just hope he's referring to something less obvious and/or that this revelation isn't really "the ending".

    I do, yes, or at the very least something similarly plot/revelation-specific. I mean, what would “guessing the ending” even mean for a story this big? Someone’s accurately guessed the fates of, like, Sansa AND Prince Doran AND the Tattered Prince AND Tyrion AND Arya AND Euron Crow’s Eye etc etc etc? I’m guessing all he means is that one or two plot points crucial to the ending have been sussed out by fans, not much more than that.

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  25. popcornculture said: I'm using your chapter list to combine the audiobooks for AFFC and ADWD. Any suggestions for what to title it?

    FEASTDANCE (to be visualized in the “Flashdance” font)

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  27. greywormsgreyworm said: Is Bran gonna warg a dragon.

    Fingers crossed!

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  29. czarevich said: Why isn't "The North Shall Rise Again" a thing? Its essentially the sentiment behind "The North Remembers". I get that it wouldn't have universal apppeal as our Civil war was family business. But GRRM is OUR Tolkien after all.

    There’s still active scheming to overthrow southern rule, so “shall rise again” is a bit too uncertain and long-term to be strictly accurate. Also, most of the characters we’re encountering from the North now are highborn, and if they espoused those kinds of sentiments in the settings we have access to, they’d be dead.

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