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    Mad Men, episode 701: Time Zones review by Bo Abeille

    My dad was Don’s age when my mom left him. Without her energy, the house we grew up in became cold. It was empty, yes, like the home Don and Megan shared; the home he bought specifically for her, so youthful and opulent, but it was also physically cold. I was 19 when they separated and living 400 miles away. I only visited my dad a couple times after mom left, and each time I felt like I was in a stranger’s home instead of my family home. Don’s broken door that won’t close and keep the safe warmth of love trapped inside is a perfect metaphor for the cold that inhabits a home without love.

    My parents were only separated for a couple years, but my dad fell apart. Mom moved in with another man and created a nest with him, dad stayed single, alternating between behaving as if living alone was the best decision he ever made (mom left him), and wallowing in a frightening self-pity that led to extreme weight loss, strange religious choices, and losing everything that defined him as a person. 

    Eventually he lost the house. The last time I visited he was already moved into an apartment nearby and I went to the house alone to retrieve a box of childhood knickknacks he had packed up. The house was destroyed. In a rage, my dad had vandalized his own home, leaving it wrecked for the bank that was taking it from him. He had built the house, felt it was his, and took out all the emotion at losing the inhabitants that warmed it on its walls. 

    Holes were punched in the walls; he removed every flower from the garden from its roots; he allowed my brothers and their thug friends to graffiti the walls of our bedrooms; the eviction notice was stapled to the living room wall. It was madness, and it was the coldest building I had ever been inside. That night I tried to sleep there one last time; thinking memories and a positive attitude would keep me warm, but terrible shivers overcame me, nothing would warm me but leaving. Ever since that night whenever I’m extremely sad or frightened I grow unbelievably cold, like my body remembers how it feels to be betrayed. It’s an escape hatch my mind created – extreme cold means it’s time to leave. There’s no love left to comfort me.

    So I left. I left my home, I left my town, I left my dad. Seeing him in leather pants with a closely coiffed beard, pretending like everything was going to be swell hurt just as much as seeing him unkempt and ranting, pacing, explaining why everything is for the best, and detailing how and why everyone had wronged him. He was alone, and sad, and no Pete Campbell tan, Roger Sterling sex adventure, or Don Draper quiet solitude was going to convince anyone that he was anything but completely miserable, and so terribly cold.

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  3. (Requested by anonymous).

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    HEAD TO HEAD: LENA HEADEY & PEDRO PASCAL - hungertv.com (x)

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    this is where I live now

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  9. In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

    please note this is not seen in the episode; it’s from the rehearsal.

    This is much better than the dead Munchkin or the ghost in Three Men & a Baby

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    Liam Cunningham and his mum at the IFTA Awards 2014

    What? No, I’m not crying — I’ve just been cutting onion knights

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  13. iambanstyle asked: I'm going to re-watch it to be certain I'm not just inserting my version of the book wedding, but I found a beat even more tragic for the show than in book: In book there is that terrified 13-yr old boy looking for help from anyone. But in the show, he has his Kingsguard "Uncle" and pampering mother right next to him, but is reaching out to *Tyrion* to save him. Then of course Cersei follows that to accusation. So much Lannister going on there! How crazy am I?


    Well, it’s possible you might be inserting a bit of the book scene, yeah:

    Ser Meryn pried the king’s mouth open to jam a spoon down his throat. As he did, the boy’s eyes met Tyrion’s. He has Jaime’s eyes. Only he had never seen Jaime look so scared. The boy’s only thirteen. Joffrey was making a dry clacking noise, trying to speak. His eyes bulged white with terror, and he lifted a hand… reaching for his uncle, or pointing… Is he begging my forgiveness, or does he think I can save him?

    But that was pretty much straight up adapted into the show, no real difference. It was done quite well, really, GRRM probably just turned his own words into stage directions. :)

    Anyhow, Tyrion thought Joffrey pointing at him might be to ask for help, whereas Cersei interpreted it as him accusing his poisoner… Well, knowing Joff’s personality, I’d suspect the latter belief was far more likely. But was Joffrey actually pointing at Tyrion for whatever reason, or just flailing wildly in panic? I’m afraid I don’t think we could find out the real truth without a Ouija board.

    One thing I looked for upon re-viewing was to see if Olenna was aligned in such a way that Joff could conceivably have been pointing at HER, not Tyrion — not that that would make a lick of logical sense whatsoever given what Joffrey might have thought in those final dying moments, but just because it’d be a fun little easter egg, like the camera being on Olenna when the septon says “Cursed be he who would tear them asunder.” But as best I can tell, nope. Joff’s just fuckin’ up, AGAIN. At any rate in the show it’s really hard to read him as reaching out to Tyrion for help since he’s so far away and his mom and Kingsguard Commander are right on top of him. The books are of course a different story.

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    boiledleather reblogged your post ineffableigor: asxixlike: For quiet… and added:

    Sexy Hound giving cuddly Joffrey a piggyback ride is people taking stuff to the text, not taking stuff out of it.

    Dude, obnoxious much? Sandor isn’t even especially “sexy” in that fanart, he’s rather bland. (Trust me when I say I have seen much sexier Sandors.) He fits Sandor as described, long face, long hair brushed over the side where it doesn’t grow. At most, his burns are minimal, but I’m used to that with fanartists who have difficulty drawing burns. (Quite a few of them, all they do is a “sunburn effect”, basically, but I don’t critique unless they ask for it. Depicting burns on the level of book!Sandor’s is hard.)

    As for Joff being “cuddly”, that’s all in your interpretation — hell, from the look on his face he could be commanding his “horse” to trample the peasants. (Per this fanart or this one or probably something from this series.) And anyhow he looks three, maybe four, pretty sure Joff wasn’t a complete douchebag yet.

      And as for interpolations from the text:

    Joffrey had never had a close friend of his own age, that she recalled. The poor boy was always alone. I had Jaime when I was a child… and Melara, until she fell into the well. Joff had been fond of the Hound, to be sure, but that was not friendship. He was looking for the father he never found in Robert.

    —Cersei, AFFC

    Hope that helps.

    It was a single sentence, and as far as “obnoxious” goes I don’t think anything in it rose to the level of your “Hope that helps” (or “Dude, obnoxious much?” for that matter). 

    To speak to your points, naturally Joff’s cuddliness is all in my interpretation, as is your standpoint on the Hound’s sexiness (though it’s hard to spot Sansa’s “ugliest man she’d ever seen” in him). And sure Joffrey was fond of the Hound, but we’ve seen how that fondness manifested; we’ve also seen the Hound’s feelings for Joffrey. Maybe there was a piggyback-ride period, but personally I doubt it. Which, you know, whatever, none of this is the end of the world, which is why I wrote a single sentence about it and then went right back to reblogging other stuff.

    Besides the ASoIaF and TV stuff I’m also a comics critic, and critiquing art of this sort is what I do. This has nothing to do with “Tumblr making me mad,” as you put it in your tags. If I’ve had a falling-out with Tumblr, no one’s told the (hm let me think) 16 active tumblrs I run. It’s just a critical response to art, which is how I make a living and what I do in my spare time and, basically, what I’ve lived for for 20 years. It’s a bummer that you’ve characterized this in your tags as “picking fights,” but given the climate regarding criticism that I’ve written about a lot lately it’s not a particularly surprising bummer at this point. (Other than that it’s coming from the best ASoIaF meta blog on tumblr. :(  )

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  17. My friend Matthew Perpetua has devised the greatest BuzzFeed Quiz of all time.

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    Emilia Clarke, photographed by Cedric Buchet for Marie Claire, May 2014.

    oh gosh

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    Roose Bolton’s Beard Appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

    bonus: that profile

    he can be my leech lord anytime KNOWHATIMSAYIN

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  23. So the desire to make a living as a writer is a true perversion in this culture but I think we need our perverts more than ever.
    — Eileen Myles   (via adult-mag)

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  25. … art is a willing transfer of belief.
    — Eileen Myles, “Iceland”  (via adult-mag)

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    Some Game of Thrones fanart.

    that’s more like it. Strong composition in this one. All that space makes the Hound look even more solid, and furious.

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  29. This show knows how to light things, that’s for fucking sure.

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