1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode Three!

    DOWNLOAD The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 03 | Do the Right Thing: Honor, Morality, and Power in Westeros, Part Three - by Sean T. Collins & Stefan Sasse

    BLAH trois! This week, Stefan Sasse and I conclude our discussion of issues of morality and power in ASoIaF for the time being by tackling some big questions: Is Westerosi society truly run by its aristocrats or by its warriors, and how complete is the overlap, anyway? Has anyone we’ve met truly “served the Realm”? Who are the best and worst rulers we’ve encountered? What would those adjectives mean in this context? And should we bring the values and morals of the 21st century to the table when reading about this make-believe medieval world? I could still be talking about a lot of this stuff if we had unlimited time. Enjoy!


    Episode 01

    Episode 02

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