1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 04!

    BLAH04 | My Sweet R’hllor: The Rise of Religious Fundamentalism in Westeros - by Sean T. Collins & Stefan Sasse

    This week’s episode was recorded before the old gods and the new, the Red God and the Drowned. Stefan and I took a look at the major faiths of Westeros and their role in the ongoing hostilities — how the war has changed the character of these religions, and how these religions have changed the character of the war. I was particularly excited about discussing militarized religion in the context of a world where verifiable supernatural intervention is possible, and increasingly probable. Give it a listen!

    Previous episodes can be found here. 

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    Loving this series of podcasts so far. Thank you, Sean and Stefan! Now I have 2 ASOIAF podcasts to listen to! :D
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