1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 06!

    Everyone Knows It’s Windy: The Winds of Winter Sample Chapter - by Sean T. Collins, Stefan Sasse, and special guest Amin

    The Boiled Leather Audio Hour/A Podcast of Ice and Fire crossover event of the century continues! Once again, Stefan and I are joined by Amin, co-host of the venerable A Podcast of Ice and Fire. This time out we’re turning our attentions to the sample chapter from The Winds of Winter that George R.R. Martin posted to his website last month. The characters, the concepts, the clues, the trademark BLAH focus on man’s inhumanity to man, you name it, we cover it. Spoilers galore, as you can imagine, so don’t listen unless you’ve read the chapter. And if you’d like to do some further boning up, I suggest my earlier post on the chapter, as well as this indispensable video podcast by Elio & Linda from Westeros.org, which is referenced quite frequently.

    Many thanks to Amin for stopping by, and for his technical wizardry in editing these two episodes. Hail House Manwoody!

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