1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 08!

    Fun and Prophet: Examining the Nature of Prophecy, plus a look at ‘A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel’

    We’re back! Since our last podcast, Stefan and his lady wife produced an heir to House Sasse, a joyous event for which we thank the old gods and the new, but which understandably caused a longer than normal hiatus (as well as any scatterbrainedness you may detect from my illustrious co-host during the podcast). But much as Daenerys’ Meereenese idyll will give her the strength and experience she needs to conquer Westeros in fire and blood, so to has our absence enabled us to rise again, harder and stronger. 

    And we didn’t come alone. Our special guest this week is Steven Atewell, the blogger behind the in-depth chapter analyses and irreverent episode recaps at Race for the Iron Throne, as well as a recent, noteworthy contributor to Tower of the Hand. Thrilled to have him aboard.

    Our first topic this week is the graphic-novel adaptation of A Game of Thrones by Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson, a comic Stefan reviewed for Tower of the Hand and I reviewed for The Comics Journal. Spoiler alert: None of us liked it! Our explanations as to why tackle issues of adaptation, the strengths of comics as an art form, George R.R. Martin’s experience and interests in the field, the Dunk and Egg comics, the flourishing of alternative-fantasy comics, and Catelyn Stark’s nude scene.

    But our main topic, which kicks off around the 15:51 mark, is prophecy—what it is, how many different kinds there are, how it works as both a plot device and literary technique, what it means for the free will of the characters, reader reaction (in some cases overreaction), and (inevitably) what we think is going on with Azor Ahai, the Prince That Was Promised, the House of the Undying, and all that good stuff. When you’re a big ASoIaF fan this topic is sort of like crystal meth, so take a big freaking hit of the blue with us, won’t you?

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