1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 13!

    Women of Westeros, Part I: Sansa & Cersei

    BLAH’s long summer has ended at last! We’re back with the first in what promises to be a more or less ongoing series of episodes dedicated to the distaff. Part One of our lengthy look at the women of Westeros focuses on two of the series’ most divisive characters, Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister. I’ve found myself growing fonder and fonder of them both as characters (as characters, emphasis added, in Cersei’s case), which leads me to suspect that the ire directed their way has done some good, at least: It’s forced me to do a lot of thinking about them, and the more thinking I do, the more I find there to think about. Indeed, this was one of those podcasts where the more we talked, the more lightbulbs kept switching on in my head — you’ll hear me say “I never thought of it this way until just now, but…” three or four times during the course of the discussion. Topics include how both of them function as nobility, as women, as members of an important house, as rulers or potential rulers, and as vectors for what GRRM wants us to think about when we contemplate the system that shaped them.

    Thank you to longtime All Leather Must Be Boiled commenter Michal for suggesting that we talk about Sansa and inspiring our most ambitious podcast project to date — in fact, please follow her lead and pop into the comments and let us know which women you’d like us to take a look at next!

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