1. The Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 15!

    Women of Westeros, Part II: Brienne & Asha

    WARRIOR WOMEN OF WESTEROS IN HOT SWORD-ON-SWORD ACTION! Haha j/k LOL. Stefan and I proudly present the second installment in our intermittent series of episodes focusing on female characters. Our leading ladies today: Brienne of Tarth and Asha Greyjoy. The similarities are obvious, and the juxtaposition instructive, I think. We look at their attitudes toward violence and war, sexuality, gender, and their “careers,” to use an anachronistic term; the way their societies and their circle of acquaintances have shaped their lives; their resonance with the mindsets of modern readers; and much more. We also take some detours into Jaime Lannister and Victarion Greyjoy, always a good time. And be sure to listen until the very end, when we answer the only question that really matters. You’ll see.

    By the way, I think our audio issues have been resolved. We’re not going to win a technical Grammy or anything, but you should no longer want to rip your headphones out and throw them across the room, either. Let us know!

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