1. The Small Council, Queensguard, and Night’s Watch under the coming reign of Sansa Stark, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

    Small Council and related titles:

    Queen: Sansa Stark

    Hand of the Queen:  Olenna Tyrell

    Lady Commander of the Queensguard: Brienne of Tarth

    Master of Ships: Asha Greyjoy

    Master of Coin: Genna Lannister

    Master of Laws: Alys Karstark

    Master of Whisperers: Arya Stark

    Grand Maester: Sarella/Alleras Sand

    Queen’s Justice: Arya Stark

    Commanders of the Gold Cloaks: Lollys Stokeworth & Bronn of the Blackwater

    High Septa: Tyene Sand

    Warden of the North: Wylla Manderly

    Warden of the East: Myranda Royce

    Warden of the West: Jeyne Stark

    Warden of the South: Arianne Martell

    Warden of the Wild: Val

    Liaison to Essos: Missandei

    Master of Magic*: Melisandre

    Master of Whores**: Chataya

    Master of Lemoncakes: Hot Pie***



    Brienne of Tarth (Lady Commander)

    Obara Sand

    Podrick Payne***

    Meera Reed

    Alysane Mormont

    Chella, daughter of Cheyk

    [unknown], daughter of Hagen


    The Night’s Watch

    Lord Commander: Stannis Baratheon

    First Steward: Samwell Tarly

    First Builder: Gendry Waters

    First Ranger: Jorah Mormont

    Commander, Eastwatch: Theon Greyjoy

    Commander, the Shadow Tower: Jaime Lannister

    Commander, the Fist of the First Men: Tormund Giantsbane

    Commander, Molestown: Tyrion Lannister


    An all-woman Small Council and Queensguard (plus the usual all-dude Night’s Watch for some reason) to help Queen Sansa preside over the Seven Kingdoms at the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, as selected by myself, Kyle and Amin (A Podcast of Ice and Fire), FaBio (Winter Is Coming) and Alex (Tower of the Hand) in A Podcast of Ice and Fire Episode 113: Guys’ Night Out V.

    Characters we assumed would be dead are deemed ineligible (for the most part).

    * for a more magical world

    ** i don’t know how this got elevated to a cabinet-level position either

    *** token dude

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